How to repaint your home furniture dresser

Do you like the color of your home furniture dresser? If the answer is no, don’t worry, I will show you how to re-paint it and transform it into something beautiful. It can be an old dresser with deteriorating paint or a new one with a dull color or you want it to be coated with your favorite color. Painting is an easy task and even if you have never painted before, you don’t have to spend extra money hiring someone else to help you out. You can do it yourself at home without an extra pair of hands. However, you have to follow the necessary painting procedures in order to get a good looking dresser after re-painting.
Steps to follow when painting your dresser
1. Preparing the dresser for painting
Just like the way athletes prepare for sports, you should prepare yourself and the furniture for painting. The furniture that is in use usually has some foreign materials such as dust and you can even find some insects such as spiders hiding behind it. You should clean the furniture to remove these materials to prevent contamination of the paint because it won’t stick. Use a sandpaper, a solution of vinegar and water to do a thorough cleaning. This step will take a few minutes but it is worth your time.
2. A place to do your painting
Where can you take your dresser and paint it without getting complaints from people you stay with or your neighbors? You should have such a place in mind. Some possible locations include a basement, a garage, your veranda or even inside your house. From the locations mentioned I guess you have at least one of them. Select the most suitable one for this activity and move your dresser in.
3. Type of paint to buy
Don’t just say paint is paint. You should choose the right paint for the job. There are many paint brands and not every brand is suitable for wood. Visit a paint store and ask for a paint which can be used on wood and it should be of your favorite color. Choose a high quality paint that is easy to apply, dries faster and it does not cause respiratory problems. In addition, also ensure that the paint you buy won’t make your clothes dirty when the dresser is in use. If you want to do your painting inside your house, ensure you pick a paint which has very low or no volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOC compounds are harmful to human beings and environment. They can cause difficulty in breathing or even lung diseases and they also pollute the environment.

4. Cover the floor

It can seem to be a useless stem but it is very important. Some paints form stubborn stains on the surface they come in contact with. Don’t ruin your floor or tiles by staining it because if you do, you will spend more money buying detergents to clean it. Covering the floor with old newspaper, plastic cloth or towels can help you to avoid this problem.
5. Select a method to apply your paint
There are various ways you can apply paint on your dresser. If you want to do it the traditional way, you can select a brush with angled bristles that gives a smooth coating. You can also use a roller to do the job. Recently many people have started to use a paint sprayer. The sprayer is also effective in applying an even paint coat on the dresser.
6. Protective gear
Always wear protective gear when handling paint. You can put on your glasses to prevent paint particles from getting into your eyes. Also wear gloves to prevent your hands from coming in contact with the paint.
7. Test the paint
Apply the paint on a small area on the dresser and wait for it to dry. If it doesn’t bleed out, you can continue painting the rest of the dresser. Some wood paints are so strong and when you apply a paint with light color on top, it will bleed through. However, if this happens to your dresser, don’t worry. You can either re-paint it with a paint with a color similar to the original paint or try a color that can neutralize the stains such as pink.
8. Paint the dresser
If it is inside your house, ensure you have a supply of fresh air by opening your windows and doors. When painting, ensure you apply an even coating throughout the surface of your dresser. You should also open the drawers and paint inside so that it can have a uniform color. Don’t forget to paint the back of the dresser because some day you will move it to a new location.

9. Finishing

Wait for the dresser to dry then apply a second coating to prevent the older paint from bleeding through. It also make the paint to appear original to the dresser. Don’t forget to clean the area after you finish painting.
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