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June 23, 2016

Hi guys!

I have really good news today.

Amazon Fashion Europe is launching a new amazing campaign, completely different from what you’ve seen so far. It is a very honest and original proposal which deals with one of the dark sides of social media: judgement and criticism.

When it comes to dealing with external judgement, it is most important to be honest, as many women feel constantly judged for our looks, being targeted with nasty and cruel comments just because of how we look. I am pretty sure many of you know what I am talking about. I bet you have felt constantly judged. However, I am also pretty sure you have judged and criticised others as well.

With this campaign, Amazon aims women to embrace their personal style and identity no matter the trends, no matter external opinions. This campaign focuses on how criticism and external judgement influences the way we dress, hence the way we want others to see us.
In this campaign video five influencers tell us about their personal experiences, how it feels to judge and to feel judged. Nowadays bloggers, designers, models, and youtubers, suffer an over exposure on social media, and in the video we get their insights on how  to deal with these situations, as they are most certainly judged and criticised every day. #SaySomethingNice aims to revert all of those negative comments into positive ones. 

#SaySomethingNice means that together, we can help fashion, and the social media become places that encourage women to spread positive comments instead of harmful judgement.

I am going to pledge to
Do you?

Kisses and hugs,